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09 marzo 2004


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I just read you commentary...discovered it on a search for "anti-semitic outbreaks" since the airing of the passion.

I was impressed by your analysis and, for the most part, am in agreement with your words.

I just saw the film, Passion of the Christ this past weekend. I am a Christian and I believe in the message that this film sends. You alluded to it when you mentioned that Mel Gison personally participated in the crucifixion scene by hammering the nails into Jesus' hands. This was a clear indication that Mel Gibson "gets it"...he, like all of us sinners, put Jesus on that cross. The same way that Rembrandt, in his painting depicting the crucifixion, painted himself into the scene as one of the people lifting the cross into it's hole. Rembrandt "got it" too.

Even you touched on this part when you spoke of how Christ "...willed his death...". But you later said that Jesus was a "poor suffering wretch who cannot save himself...". Obviously, you don't "get it". The fact is that Jesus Christ could have ended his journey of pain at any time. But in order to fulfill the promise of the Scriptures, that a Messiah will come and he will ring the GIFT of SALVATION to the world, he allowed man to shed his blood. Why? Because Christ knew that he would resurrect in three days to illustrate his victory over sin and death. Because, as the Chief Priest mentioned repeatedly, and as was shown in the last scenes of the movie, the "Temple" would be destroyed and then "be rebuilt in three days". The Sanhedrin, and all those unsaved, still believe that he was referring to the temple in which they congregated and from where they ruled and worshipped. The significance that Gibson's film delivered was that, in fact, the temple building WAS destroyed as was the physical temple that was Christ. But Jesus rose from his tomb. The fact that Gison ends the film there is most significant because Jesus is still influencing lives. He lives! therefore the story has not ended! That is why we see Satan languishing amongst the skeletons in his everlating grave, knowing that Christ was sovereign over him, as he cried out toward the heavens. Satan knows that he cannot win.

Thank you for your time.


Dennis Capraro

Dear Dennis, I hope that I do "get" the message of Jesus; it's just that I had doubts that the film adequately conveyed it. But I see that,thanks to your analysis, I could be wrong. Best wishes, Bill Park.

Unfortunetly the movie is full of unscriptual Catholic cultic traditions. A lot of it coming from a astral travelling nun who got visions from a dead person.(Mary is DEAD.If you didn't know) The movie focuses on the physical torment Christ went through, when this is not the most important thing Christ did for us. He took God's Wrath on the Cross which was for us sinners. The spiritual suffering that Christ took for us is what saves us, not what MAN did to Christ. If any of you out there are Bible Believing Christians PLEASE have some discernment.
Galatians 1:6 'I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:'

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